My Home in 10 Years…

Homes today are changing so rapidly. One day in the future I see all homes being powered entirely by solar. More and more homes are switching over as an affordable alternative to electricity. I think more and more people will change over after hearing the money people are saving by switching to solar power. I think it’s a great idea and the hungry electric companies can either lower their rates or loose all business.

Also, I think my home will be totally wire free camera ready. Meaning, I’ll be able to see what’s going on in my house from anywhere in the world because of the security cameras everywhere. There is so much crime now, you can even put a camera on your doorbell so you can see who’s at your door and be able to talk to them even when you’re not home.

These are the two major changes I see happening in the next 10 years. I look forward to it because I will be safer and saving a lot of money in return.