My Simple Home

As time goes on, our homes become more and more technologically advanced. Which makes some people think, what will our homes look like ten years from now? Ten years from now I hope that our homes help make our lives a lot easier. Not necessarily making everyday tasks easier but make our lives a lot less worrisome. Our homes will hopefully have a lot more security and keeps everyone living in them a lot safer. Ten years from now all our homes will be a lot more energy efficient, not because people pay for that themselves, but because that’s how our homes will be built. Rather than using electrical energy all our houses will be using solar energy. It eventually makes everything cheaper and way more efficient.

Right now we are starting to be able to control certain things in our homes with our smart phones, but 10 years from now we are going to be able to control everything. Things like heating, air conditioning, lights, locks, and maybe even our windows will all be able to be controlled from our pockets, no matter where we are. Almost everything in our houses are going to be automated. Everything will be a lot easier to use, and be a lot more efficient. All the technology in our homes will be a lot more sturdy and will last longer. Things in our home will not have to be fixed as often. Things like our refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washers, and dryers, will last longer than they do now, and parts will be easily replaceable.

That’s what our technology in our homes will come to in the future at the rate they’re going, but what do I hope my future home is like? My hope is that my home is much more energy efficient. I don’t want to have to pay as much for my home to have power. 10 years from now I hope my future home has my own little home office. I want to be able to have the technology to be able to have the technology to work from home. I wanna be able to do my own research for my career while I’m at home or while I have some free time. A nice and quiet area that no one can disturb me in.

Also I want in my home a separate room just for animals, I want a couple of dogs and cats, maybe others too. I want to have an open temperature controlled room with large windows for the animals. I want to keep it temperature controlled separate from other rooms to make sure it is comfortable for the animals when they are in that room. In this room I would like to have it so it’s easy to clean just in case something happens while I’m out. It’s not required but I would like to have a self cleaning litter box, because there are times when I have the tendency to forget about the small things too, and to have that in my home will keep it clean and healthy for the animals.

I would also like a small and energy efficient home gym. I want to be able to stay in shape year round. I love to work out and to have that in my home would be great. This room would also be separate in temperature rather than the rest of my home. I don’t want it too hot or too cold while I am working out. In there I want a voice activated water cooler, so when I need some water during my workout I just have to say something and walk over when it’s filled. It’s makes everything quicker and saves time during my day.

I don’t want everything in my home to be automated though. There will probably be things available that makes everything automated, but it shows that I am responsible and I’m not too lazy of a person so I’d rather have as little things automated as possible. I am not somebody who minds doing everyday household tasks.

Ten years from now our technology in this world is going to be a lot more advanced. Our at home lives as well as our work and outside lives are going to be much easier. Our lives are going to probably be much more efficient and much less stressful compared to now, but there is no telling exactly what might happen in the future. We don’t know where are technology is going, but if it progresses the way it has been over the years we may not have to lift a finger for anything within the next ten years. I don’t want to live life that way, my home ten years from now will have as little things automated as possible. It’d drive me insane having everything done for me