Honeywell RTH221B Basic Programmable Thermostat



The Honeywell RTH221B Programmable Thermostat is an efficient way to control your house’s heating and cooling systems. Its basic programs to control your home’s temperature enable you to save a lot on your energy bills. You can use the Honeywell RTH221B thermostat to program the temperature in your home for a week, with four periods per day. Using this feature, you can reduce the amount of energy that your heating and cooling systems expend when you’re away from the house or asleep. The house te

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Honeywell RTH221B Thermostat: All control buttons are on the face of the product with a display that shows the current and the set temperaturesPrecise temperature control of +/- 1 degree FFour programmable periods per dayVertical positioning for easy upgrade from standard manual thermostatsOne-touch holdSleek and compact design of temperature control thermostat

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