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Simply Soft Smart Touch Hearing Aid: Advanced Digital Technology provides natural sound throughout the entire hearing spectrumActive Feedback manager programming reduces annoying feedback or whistling common in most hearing aidsEasy-to-use push-button control allows you to scroll through four amplification settingsPatented SoftEar soft body offers relaxed comfort and flexibility for all day useUses 100% hypoallergenic medical grade silicone bodyPremium NoWax filter system with easy-to-replace fi

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G.H.I Simplicity Smart Touch advanced 100% digital hearing aid provides excellent sound reproduction and speech enhancement in a virtually invisible Micro-Poly tube, mini-over-the-ear (OTE) design. Transparent ear canal resonance with open fit format is virtually occlusion free. Sub-miniature case is very light and comfortable. Many wear it all day. Unit features state of the art feedback and noise management circuitry, and is equipped with an easy to use push-button control that delivers optimum clarity in any sound environment. Four memories are laboratory programmed by an Audiologist. Poly micro tube design less prone to ear wax, maintains optimum performance and extended reliability. Right Ear Only. Model #: Simplicity ST-R

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